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04 Jul

learn: how to make your backyard into a wildlife haven

We share our backyards with a range of bird species, insects and reptiles. Read on below to learn about a few ways we can help protect them and make our backyards happy homes for them.

04 Jul

learn: july's tree of the month is the bartlett's rata/rātā moehau

Cover image shows the delicated flowers of rātā moehau and was sourced from: Whanganui Chronicle, rare tree flowers at Virginia Lake

07 Jun

visit: cornwall park's 5 best date spots

Have you been looking to up your date-night game, or are you just wanting to have more quality time with your bestie? Read on to discover our staffs' top picks for picnic dates and hangouts in the park...

07 Jun

discover: our top 10 dog walking tips

Cornwall Park is all about the creating a space for the enjoyment of all New Zealanders. This includes our furry friends. Read on to discover how to make dog walking fun for all involved!

04 May

Bird of the Month: Riroriro/Grey Warbler

Meet May's Bird of the Month! - The ever-elusive Riroriro or Grey Warbler.

04 May

explore: composting with us

Composting is a vital tool in reducing the amount of waste households send to the landfill. It is also a neat opportunity to turn your waste into fuel for your garden. Read on to find out how you can start composting in your home.

04 Apr

discover: april's tree of the month, the ginkgo

This month we want to highlight one of our favourite autumn trees - Ginkgo! Read on to learn about the evolution, history, cultural uses and benefits of these magical trees that make them so unique.

04 Apr

kids: be a kiwi guardian at cornwall park

Looking for something fun and free to do outside during the school holidays- become a Kiwi Guardian. Toyota Kiwi Guardians is a fantastic activity programme created by the Department of Conservation for kids to learn about nature and earn cool rewards.

07 Mar

Discover: Sustainability Tips and Tricks

Working to reduce your carbon footprint can feel overwhelming at times but you don't need to be a self-sufficient, zero waste eco-warrior to make a difference. A great way to start is by slowing down and being conscious of how the small choices you make each day impact the environment.

07 Mar

5 things to see and do in Cornwall Park this autumn

Autumn might announce the end of summer but it's still very much a season full of its own beauty. Read on to find out about all our favourite things to do in Cornwall Park in autumn.

07 Feb

Discover: Sensory Gardening

Sensory plants are an exciting addition to you garden at home. Engage your eyes, nose, ears, taste buds and fingers with these Cornwall Park's favourites.

07 Feb

Visit: Heritage Trail of Cornwall Park

Wanting to learn a little bit more about Cornwall Park's heritage as you walk? We have highlighted some of our heritage sites in a heritage walk.

07 Jan

Discover: 5 tips for Making the Most of Cornwall Park this Summer

Be sure to make the most out of the beautiful weather this summer by visiting Cornwall Park. We've come up with 5 helpful tips for staying safe and making the most of your time here.

07 Jan

Read: Remembering the Pan-Pacific Jamboree

After 3 years of planning, 63 years ago this month, the 1959 Pan-Pacific Scout Jamboree of Aroha, "Friendship", was opened in Cornwall Park. This incredible week-long event allowed scouts to meet from all over the world, and involved many activities, exhibitions and displays for the young scouts, including a display and speech by Sir Edmund Hillary, archery, brigade bands and much, much more!

30 Nov

Discover: December's plant of the month

This month, we thought we'd let you know about a classic twist on one of our favourite native trees - the yellow pōhutukawa, or Metrosideros excelsa Aurea.

30 Nov

Read: Fabulous Companion Plants for Your Veggie Garden

Wondering what plants would make good companions for your veggie garden this summer? Read on to find out what companion planting is good and what plants can help your veggies survive this summer.

28 Sep

Read: What are our nursery team up to this spring?

Have you seen any of our cheery nursery team around the park and wondered what they are up to? Currently, our nursery team is preparing the park’s gardens to be beautiful for summer.

28 Sep

Discover: Our top 5 picnic spots

Whether you are after a wide open space for the kids to run around or a secluded date spot to take that someone special, we have the location for you.

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