our guide to forest bathing

A lot of us spend the majority of our time inside and in cities, but getting out and immersed with nature has many benefits. You may have heard of walking meditations or nature watching, but have you heard of forest bathing?

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing is a form of meditation that got it's name from the Japanese practice shinrin yoku. The focus of forest bathing is to slow down and immerse yourself in nature. Forest bathing has been shown to have many physical and psychological benefits, due to chemicals emitted by trees known as phytoncides. Forest bathing can help you feel calmer and more in touch with nature.

Start by finding a spot, surrounded by trees and nature. Leave your devices behind and walk slowly through the space. If walking doesn't feel right try lying on the ground or resting against a tree. Focus on your breathing, taking deep meditative breaths. Get in touch with your senses, what can you hear? Smell? See?

Our Top Forest Bathing Spots in The Park

You can forest bathe just about anywhere with a handful of trees, but here are our top three spots for forest bathing in Cornwall Park.

The Gingko Grove

Over in the eastern area of the park, near the gates onto Greenlane West sits The Gingko Grove. This area, despite being near the road is very calm. The Gingko Grove is a small grove on Gingko Trees off to the side of the main pathway. These trees are known for their unique leaves which are fan shaped and turn a beautiful golden colour in autumn.

The Grotto

While a bit more difficult to find, The Grotto is absolutely worth the hunt. Sitting along Grand Drive, The Grotto is an enclosed space filled with native plants and trees. It is the perfect spot for some forest bathing completely immersed in nature.

The Rimu Grove

Our final forest bathing spot is The Rimu Grove, located just off of Twin Oak Drive. One of the most pictureqsue spots in Cornwall Park with a view to the summit and the cows and sheep. The Rimu Grove is a sensory pleasure.

These are only a few of the places you could choose in the park as the perfect spot to dip your toes into the world of Forest Bathing! Forest Bathing is all about getting in touch with yourself and with nature. So, remember to slow down and take your time. Do what feels right to you. Happy forest bathing!