Free Summer Activities for Kids in Cornwall Park

Cornwall Park is a great place to enjoy the NZ summer sun- here are five free activities to do with the whole family on your next visit or any time of the year!

1. Visit Huia Lodge and Acacia Cottage

Explore the park's ecology, history and geology in Huia Lodge- don't miss the lava cave or our latest exhibition. Our exhibitions changover quarterly so there is always something new to look at when the seasons change! 

Then cross the road to visit one of the oldest wooden buildings in Auckland - Acacia Cottage. A blast from the past - see how early European settlers like Sir John Logan Campbell may have lived and admire the view across the park.

2. Play the Alphabet Game

Why not try a new game on your journeys around the park? As you walk around the park, try and name things you can see for every letter of the alphabet. 

For a more challenging variation on this game, pick a random number from 1 to 26 (or a random letter!) work out what letter it corresponds to and find as many things as you can as fast as you can whose names start with that letter.

3. Walk our Little Explorers' Trail

Designed for little feet with big curiosities that love to find special taonga (treasure) in the park! Discover giant trees, farm animals, busy bees and butterflies, big open lawns and very old buildings along the way!

Pick up a little explorers' trail map from Huia Lodge or download one from our website.

4. Play games

We love playing games in the park and there are many you can play without equipment. Skinks is one of our favourites.

Skinks (Sardines)

Our native copper skinks love to hide in Cornwall Park's stone walls and volcanic boulders. Play this game and hide like a skink.

Designate your playing boundaries.

One player (the skink) hides.

The rest of the group counts to a decided number, then splits up and looks for the skink.

When players find the skink, they join them in their hiding place.

The game finishes when all players are hidden with the skink.

5. Visit our farm

Cornwall Park is an urban farm in the heart of Auckland city. While you can't pet or chase the animals, you are welcome to walk in their paddocks. Can you count how many sheep and cows we have?

Our white sheep are Texel-Perendales. You might have carpets made from their wool at home. Our black sheep are a rare breed in Aotearoa, called Gotland Pelt - they are actually from Sweden.

We also have brown Simmental cows, a Swiss breed known for their calm temper. You might even be able to spot our farm dogs at work!

Stop by Huia Lodge to find out where our cows and sheep are in the park.