the best views in cornwall park - as voted by our instagram followers

We put forward a crucial question to our Instagram followers, what are the best views in Cornwall Park? Over four weeks the variety of viewpoints Cornwall Park has to offer went head-to-head to determine which ones were the best.

Cherry Blossoms and the Ginkgo Grove

The first views in the hot seat were the stunning seasonal blooms, our cherry blossoms and the ginkgo grove. The cherry blossoms are a staple view in Cornwall Park, blooming briefly in October each year. They are pretty magical, filling the park with soft pink hues before disappearing for another year.

While somewhat lesser known, the golden ginkgo grove should not be overlooked. As autumn comes to a close and winter rolls in, these trees shed their golden leaves creating a beautiful golden carpet underneath. Despite the glowing annual display of the ginkgo, the cherry blossoms charged ahead as the decisive winner with 74% of the final votes.

Wisteria Archway and Grotto

It’s a tie! The floral fantasy of the wisteria archway and the hidden troves of our secret grotto could not be split.

Sitting opposite the archery car park and enclosed by native bush is The Grotto, Cornwall Park's very own secret fairy garden, a slice of fantasy in the middle of a bustling city. Originally a small quarry for volcanic rock, The Grotto is now home to a host of native trees and plants.

Across the lawn from the Cornwall Park cafe stands the wisteria archway, a lush green colour most of the year and a stunning purple and white when the flowers bloom, The wisteria archway links the eastern paddocks of the park to the centre of the park.

Pōhutukawa Drive and Twin Oak Drive

Pōhutukawa Drive vs Twin Oak Drive in the ‘Best Road View ’poll had one clear winner with Twin Oak Drive coming out on top with 91% of the votes! Sprouting daffodils ushering in spring, bright green canopies filtering the summer sun, and crunchy orange leaves bringing in autumn and misty winter mornings, Twin Oak Drive truly is a marvel year-round. One side of the drive is closed to vehicles, making it perfect for dog walking, snapshots and friendly hangouts, Twin Oak Drive serves to be an idyllic backdrop to any activity.

Not to be forgotten, Pōhutukawa Drive still provides a stunning view when entering the park gates from Green Lane West. An interesting fact about this road is that Norfolk Pines were planted along the outer edges to encourage the Pōhutukawa trees lining the drive to grow into a beautiful arch over the road.

Memorial Steps and Kauri Steps

Our penultimate pairing was the Memorial Steps and the Kauri Steps, two staircases bursting with character and heritage. It was another close one, with the kauri steps coming out on top with 58% and the memorial steps with 42%.

The Memorial Steps were built in 1956 to commemorate the park's founder, Sir John Logan Campbell. The architects used local volcanic basalt rock to craft the steps. For one such as Sir John Logan Campbell who was a walking enthusiast, making many long foot journeys in his lifetime, a beautifully crafted set of stairs feels like the perfect commemoration.

The Kauri Steps lead down through a clearing of eucalyptus trees to the stunning Kauri Grove, a more secluded and dreamy spot in Cornwall Park. The Kauri Steps are one of the two spots available for weddings in the park, and many of our visitors have a special memory made there.

Native Arboretum and Kauri Grove

Last but certainly not least we have two lovely wooded areas, the Native Arboretum and the Kauri Grove. The Native Arboretum sits below Acacia Cottage. Boasting sprawling green lawns surrounded by towering trees, and close to BBQs, toilets and a car park, the Native Arboretum is a perfect location for a summer picnic.

And finally, we have the Kauri Grove, bursting with charm and whimsy walking down the path with towering kauri on either side is a fantastical experience. The Kauri Grove took the crown in the final round with 61% of the votes.

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