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Level 3 Step 1 in Cornwall Park

The Cornwall Park Trust Board is closely monitoring any developments around Covid-19. For Cornwall Park Alert Level information see here.

Park gates are closed to motor vehicles. Free weekend parking is available at Auckland Showgrounds every Saturday and Sunday during Level 3. Access is via gate 2 off Greenlane West, 8am - 6pm for all park visitors. See media release here.

Outdoor gatherings and picnics between 2 households are permitted in the park, with a maximum of 10 people attending. Our staff and security team will be out in the park monitoring gathering sizes, any groups larger than 10 people will be asked to move on for the safety of all park visitors.

Our public toilets are open 7am - 8pm.

BBQ's and drinking fountains are unavailable until further notice.

Fitness Keep, Band Rotunda and park benches are open.

Huia Lodge Discovery Hub and Acacia Cottage are closed.

Cornwall Park Cafe, Creamery and Bistro are open for takeaways. Visit www.cornwallparkeateries.com for opening hours and further details.

The Covid Tracer QR code is available on the noticeboards throughout the park and we encourage you to use it on every visit.

Please observe the Ministry of Health and New Zealand Government guidelines regarding social distancing and keep at least 2m from other users while in the park.

Keep informed via our website and social media channels. Connect with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages where we will continue to bring you stories and images of the park.

** Note: The One Tree Hill Domain/Maungakiekie is open to cars, including the playground from Manukau Road. Boundary gates with Cornwall Park remain closed. This area is managed by the Tūpuna Maunga Authority and Auckland Council if you have any questions.**

Should you have any questions regarding Cornwall Park please email us: info@cornwallpark.co.nz.

Please keep up to date with the Ministry of Health locations of interest before entering the park. If you have been at a location of interest on the time and date specified or are a close contact we ask that you do not enter the park.

For New Zealand Government official alert level details here.

Our Tree work

Our arborists (kaitiaki rākau) are the parents, doctors, nurses and artists of the tree world. They give trees regular health check-ups, fix them when they’re damaged or unhealthy, perform surgery when needed (i.e. pruning) and ensure they are safe to be around. Throughout the year you will see our arborists at work, this includes felling trees occasionally. Please be assured trees will only be felled when absolutely necessary for your safety. We plant 80–100 trees each year to replace any trees that have reached the end of their life-cycle, or as part of new designs or developments, or to assist with a healthy ecosystem.

Visit our See & Do section to find out more about our trees.