our history


our history

our park's rich heritage dates back
more than 67,000 years

Campbell Crescent heritage and restoration

Campbell Crescent is a significant historical area of Cornwall Park that underwent restoration work from 2017-2020 to continue Sir John Logan Campbell's legacy and vision.

Cornwall Park timeline

Maungakiekie has seen many changes since it first erupted 67,000 years ago. Today, Maungakiekie is split into two separate parks: One Tree Hill Domain is managed by Auckland Council and the Tūpuna Maunga Authority, while Cornwall Park is managed by the Cornwall Park Trust Board. This timeline focuses on the history and development of Cornwall Park.

Farming heritage

Cornwall Park has been a farm for many generations, with the land first cultivated by Māori, and then used for livestock. Parts of it were leased out at first; in 1920 the Trust Board elected to operate it directly.

War and hospitals

Cornwall Park has always been a place of refuge and respite for the people of New Zealand since its opening in 1903, but once upon a time it also housed a war hospital serving American soldiers injured in World War II, and later was transformed into a pioneering hospital of women's health.

Early beginnings

Sir John Logan Campbell and his business partner William Brown and Campbell bought Mt Prospect Estate from Irish merchant Thomas Henry in 1853, renaming it One Tree Hill Estate.

Our founder, Sir John Logan Campbell

Sir John Logan Campbell is the founder of Cornwall Park and one of the early pioneer settlers of New Zealand. He arrived in Auckland at the age of 23.