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centred around one of the most recognised volcanic cones in new zealand, cornwall park is your oasis in the heart of auckland city

things to see & do


Our farm

Cornwall Park has been farmland for more than a century. Today, you’ll find around 600 sheep, 60 cows, two-full time farmers, and at least double the animals from July to September when newborn lambs and calves arrive! Find important information about our lambing and calving here.


Our birds

With more than 30 different species that pass through Cornwall Park or call it home, Cornwall Park is a great place to find, spot and listen to our city’s — and country’s — birds.


Our trees

From following our tree trail to finding your favourite tree to sit under, Cornwall Park has more than 350 species and 8000 trees for you to discover.


Our gardens

Our flowers and plants are part of what makes Cornwall Park special — we plant more than 25,000 annual plants (split across spring and autumn) and 10,000 bulbs (autumn) in our garden beds. We also look after perennial and native gardens throughout the park.


Our heritage sites

Cornwall Park is Auckland and New Zealand’s living history. From walking in the footsteps of our ancestors to seeing key sites of historical importance, you can get a glimpse into times gone by. Make sure to stop by Acacia Cottage, Huia Lodge Discovery Hub and some of our ancient trees — they’re all heritage sites too!


Huia Lodge Discovery Hub

Huia Lodge Discovery Hub is both a historic building — built in the early 1900s — and where you can discover more about Cornwall Park. There’s space to play, learn, have a chat about what interests you, share your own memories of Cornwall Park, and make some new ones.


Our trails

Weave your way through Cornwall Park’s many trails and paths! Find your favourites or ramble throughout the park (even through our paddocks), taking in nature and heritage as you go.


BBQs & picnics

BBQs are available free for use on a first-come, first-served basis. Take a look here for further information.


Games & sports

There are loads of spaces at the park to indulge in your favourite games and sports — bring down your chess set, cricket set (with soft balls only please), or a ball or two and start playing! If you’d like to get involved in a more competitive game, please click here for information on the sports clubs that are in or around the park.


Cornwall Park at home

We bring you ways to explore Cornwall Park online, with Craft Corner activities, colouring sheets, quizzes and more!


Our cherry blossoms

Planning to visit our flowering cherry blossoms in spring? These are very popular trees and here is some important information and top tips for you to enjoy visiting them.