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Lambing and Calving Essential Information for Visitors

Lambing and calving season is the busiest time of the year at Cornwall Park. We can all play a part in keeping our farm animals safe and happy. Here is our essential information and guidelines to follow every year in lambing and calving season.


New Exhibition: Winds of Matariki

Our new Matariki exhibition is a welcoming space for whānau, friends and communities to come together.


Top Five Winter warmers

Discover our top five Favourite Activities to do in the Park in Winter.


Heritage Postcards

Travel through park history and explore our heritage sites through vintage postcards

Discover the Copper Skinks in Cornwall Park

Have you seen the skinks in Cornwall Park?

Where to Lead your On-Leash Humans in Cornwall Park

Read to discover the things you can do in Cornwall Park while wearing your leash!


Discover our Cornwall Park Fungi

Discover the weird and wonderful world of fungi in Cornwall Park.

Heritage Day Cornwall Park Hospital

Celebrating our heritage of healing.


Tree of the Month - Kauri

Discover and learn about our kauri trees in Cornwall Park.


Our guide to Forest Bathing

Explore a new way to immerse yourself in nature and take a break from the stresses of life while in Cornwall Park.


Stonework Histories

Dive into the past of Cornwall Park's many historical stoneworks.


Tree of the Month - Karaka

Have you seen our karaka trees in Cornwall Park? Karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus), is an endemic tree in Aotearoa New Zealand, meaning it is found nowhere else in the world. Karaka is also the Te Reo Māori word for orange, which comes from the orange of the karaka fruit. In Cornwall Park karaka trees can be found all over the park, often having grown well on rocky outcrops.

Our Park Wedding Venues

Are you looking for an outdoor location surrounded by native trees, plants and wildlife to have your wedding ceremony?

Our Top BBQ Tips

Cornwall Park is the perfect spot to enjoy a BBQ with friends and family. With both wooden and gas BBQs available and the option to bring in your own, there is plenty of choice to sit back, enjoy the views and cook up a storm! Here are the essentials about the BBQs in Cornwall Park PLUS some delicious kiwi-inspired recipes to try.


Bird of the Month: Tūī

Learn more about our bird of the month: tūī.

Free Summer Activities for Kids in Cornwall Park

Discover awesome free family activities to do this summer


Auckland Golf Club

Did you know there once was a golf course that spanned across Cornwall park and Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill Domain? Read on for more information.


6 Unique Things to do in Cornwall Park

Looking for a park that has more to offer for a special outing, occasion a family day out or some quiet time? Cornwall Park is one of the most unique parks in New Zealand.

Our Giving

Our Giving: All about our Medical Grants

Learn about the latest recipients of our new Sir John Logan Campbell Māori and Pacific Postgraduate Research Scholarship.


Insect of the Month: Monarch Butterflies

Learn about the amazing monarch butterfly, its history, and its biology!


October's Plant of the Month

Cornwall Park is home to 7 different varieties of cherry blossoms. read on to find out when and where to find them in full bloom, along with what makes them so magical.


What to See and Do in Cornwall Park this Spring

Dust off your walking shoes, grab some sunscreen, gather some friends or go it alone, here's what to see and do in Cornwall Park in spring!


Discover Cornwall Park in a Day

Experience a capsule of Aotearoa's beauty in the heart of Auckland at Cornwall Park. We have your one-day itinerary to experience all that Cornwall Park has to offer! Fit in with the Auckland locals and read our new blog on what to do in Cornwall park for a day.


Nature in the City

Discover the treasure trove of natural wonders hiding in plain sight with Cornwall Park and Maungakiekie One Tree Hill Domain with this new book!


April's Tree of the Month, the Ginkgo

One of Cornwall Park's favourite Autumn trees is the Ginkgo. Read on to learn about the evolution, history, cultural uses and benefits of these magical trees that make them so unique.


Our Top 5 Picnic Spots

Whether you are after a wide open space for the kids to run around or a secluded date spot to take that someone special, we have the location for you.


Sustainability Tips and Tricks

Working to reduce your carbon footprint can feel overwhelming at times but you don't need to be a self-sufficient, zero waste eco-warrior to make a difference. A great way to start is by slowing down and being conscious of how the small choices you make each day impact the environment.


Composting With Us

Composting is a vital tool in reducing the amount of waste households send to the landfill. It is also a neat opportunity to turn your waste into fuel for your garden. Read on to find out how you can start composting in your home.


Our Top 5 Places to Celebrate

Looking for the perfect spot for your next picnic gathering or BBQ? Read on to discover our top picks for places to enjoy your next celebration at Cornwall Park!


The Best Views in Cornwall Park - As Voted by our Instagram Followers

In January we asked our followers on our Instagram to vote between pairs of our favourite park views. We've tallied the results and here they are!


6 Fascinating Facts about Acacia Cottage

Visit one of Auckland’s oldest wooden buildings and see how early European settlers may have lived.


What Could've Been: Extinct Birds in Cornwall Park

Discover some now extinct birds that may have once roamed in Cornwall Park.


Sir John's Book Club

Discover your new favourite read with Sir John Logan Campbell.https://cornwallpark.co.nz/whats-on/read-sir-johns-book-club


The Wonderful Wonder Tree

Discover the beautiful wonder trees in Cornwall Park and learn a little about them.


Our Amazing Magnolia Trees

Discover and learn about the amazing magnolia trees in Cornwall Park.


Memories of the Cornwall Park Hospital

Delve deeper into the rich history of healing at Cornwall Park and learn about the Cornwall Hospital across three eras of life

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