gatherings, picnics & bbqs

Cornwall Park is a perfect place for your next gathering and we look forward to welcoming you!

If you are planning a gathering or activity for between 25 and 50 people, we require you to register your event with us. This includes schools, community groups and all individual gatherings. Our gathering limit is 50 people.

To ensure we stay respectful to all park users and enable everyone to enjoy the park, we limit group numbers and the equipment you can bring with you. We do not allow any commercial or corporate events at Cornwall Park, and due to the public nature of the park, we can’t guarantee exclusive use of any particular area.

Please be aware that Maungakiekie One Tree Hill Domain is jointly governed by Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau and Auckland Council as the Tūpuna Maunga Authority and any use of the land must be directed to them at (09) 301 0101.

Please take a careful look at the details below to see if Cornwall Park is the best spot for your event or download our event info pack here.

The details
  • As Cornwall Park is a public space, we are unable to provide an exclusive or private experience — we will make a note of your group but cannot guarantee your chosen area will be available. Therefore, flexibility is required.

  • Maximum 50 people.

  • One 3x3m marquee can be used but please don’t tie it to trees or peg it into the ground (weights can be used).

  • Do not tie or staple anything else onto our trees or peg anything into the ground, including signage.

  • Small groups (<30) can bring seating and tables into the park.

  • Please do not use tarpaulins for seating — this damages the grass. Picnic blankets and woven mats are okay.

  • Vehicles are not permitted to drive or park on the grass at anytime.

  • Commercial caterers or food trucks are not permitted at Cornwall Park.

  • Limited bus permits are available for groups entering Cornwall Park. Once your event is approved, we will send you a map and a bus permit to be displayed while in the park.

  • If planning a company event, you are unable to display any corporate signage during the event or have branded marquees and so on.

  • No signage can be placed around the park to show people where to go. We suggest sharing a map of your location with guests.

BBQs at Cornwall Park
  • There are three areas in Cornwall Park with free BBQ facilities (please see map). There are six wood-burning BBQs and 4 gas BBQs within the park. You can read more about them in our See & Do section.

  • You cannot book the BBQs or picnic tables exclusively as they are open to everyone.

  • Free wood is provided for the wood BBQs but please bring your own equipment to light the fire.

  • Gas is provided free of charge for the gas BBQs and they operate by simply pressing a button, giving you approximately 10 minutes of cooking time (the process can be repeated for longer cooking times).

  • You can use the BBQs for as long as you like but please be mindful of other people who wish to use them. Demand can be high in the summer months.

  • Our BBQs can get very busy. You are welcome to bring your own gas BBQ into the park as long as they sit off the ground and you do not put them under low-hanging trees.

  • Coal BBQs are allowed in the park but only on the pavement in the wood BBQ area. Coal BBQs are NOT permitted anywhere else or on any grass area. All coal must be removed from the park and not left in rubbish bins where it can become a hazard.

Risk management of your event

Cornwall Park follows a robust health and safety programme. As the event organiser, you are responsible for the health and safety of any employees, volunteers and participants at your event. It is your responsibility to address and manage any potential hazards, including what you may bring or create onsite. Where Cornwall Park has specific knowledge of risks on a given site, the park will notify you of those hazards and request acknowledgement.

Please obey all Cornwall Park rules and follow any advice given by park staff, security or emergency services personnel, prior to or before your event.

Activity-dependent, we will ask you to please supply your health and safety plan and evidence of current public liability insurance.

The Cornwall Park Trust Board reserves the right to cancel any bookings that fail to comply with the conditions or are deemed unsafe at any time before the event.

Please contact the Huia Lodge Discovery Hub if you would like to discuss your event — we would be happy to chat about the best spot for you in the park.

The next steps:
  1. Complete the application form.

  2. We will contact you with any questions or to give approval.

  3. Enjoy your event at Cornwall Park!

Download Cornwall Park Event Information Pack

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Please be aware, Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill Domain is administered by Auckland Council and any use of it must be directed to Council (phone 09 301 0101).

If use of both parks is requested, joint approval is required.

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