our top bbq tips

Cornwall Park is the perfect spot to enjoy a BBQ with friends and family. With both wooden and gas BBQs available and the option to bring in your own, there is plenty of choice to sit back, enjoy the views and cook up a storm! Here are the essentials about the BBQs in Cornwall Park PLUS some delicious kiwi-inspired recipes to try.

Our Wooden BBQs 

We have six wood-burning BBQs in Cornwall Park. You can find them in the eastern area of the park near Twin Oak Drive. We provide wood for these BBQs, however you will need to bring kindling or paper and equipment to light the fire. There's also a small herb garden by the wood BBQs should you need a herb or two to enhance your meal.

Our Gas BBQs 

We have four gas BBQs in Cornwall Park, split across two areas. Each area has two BBQs, found on Grand Drive and next to the Native Arboretum. Gas is provided for these BBQs, you just need to bring your own utensils. To operate them simply press and hold the button, until the light turns green. This process gives you approximately 10 minutes of cooking time, and you can repeat for longer cooking times.

FYI on our BBQs

Cornwall Park BBQs are free to use, and run on a first-come, first serve system. This means you cannot book a BBQ exclusively, or allocate one for yourself for the day. They can get busy in warmer months, so we ask all users to be considerate towards others and move from the BBQs once finished cooking their meals.

Using your Own BBQ 

You can bring your own BBQ to the park, but there are some guidelines around how and where you can use them. Gas BBQs can be used anywhere in park land (not in farm land paddocks with livestock!), but must be lifted off the ground and away from low hanging trees or branches. Coal BBQs can only be used on the paved area at the wooden BBQ area. We ask that all coal be removed from the park when you leave and that you wait until you are home to clean them. Coal fires can happen easily when warm coals are put in our rubbish bins and grease left on the ground attracts rodents that threaten bird life.

Some Classic BBQ Ideas
Need a few ideas to get the wheels turning on planning your BBQ feast? Here's a few recipes to get you started, including a Cornwall Park staff favourite.

-For a nice comfy take on the classic salad, try a roasted vegetable salad! Roast your choice of vege on the BBQ and toss together with some fresh tomatoes, leafy greens and salad dressing for a filling summer lunch.

-For a more meaty meal try putting together some skewers, alternating cubes of meat with sliced veges. 

-To satisfy the sweet tooth among us toast up some s'mores, melting marshmellows and putting them between biscuits with some choclate. 

-Our staff love a good BBQ brekkie, we go for some scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, onions and sausages piled on buttered bread with some salad greens.

You can find a map with our BBQ areas here.