where to lead your on-leash humans in cornwall park

For all the dogs out there, welcome to Cornwall Park! Cornwall Park is a dog-friendly on-leash park, we love seeing you out strolling about. The main thing to remember (and to remind your humans) is that we are an on-leash park. This means that the minute you step into Cornwall Park, or jump from your car, you should be wearing a leash that is attached to your human. Read on to discover other things you can do in Cornwall Park while wearing your leash!

More pats, please

Do you find yourself wanting more pats than what your human gives you? Well, we have you covered! Many of the staff members at Huia Lodge love dogs and have 30+ years of experience in patting, scratching, belly rubs and giving nothing but positive feedback and are more than happy to assist when a friendly dog on-leash stops by. So pop in next time you walk past. All you have to do is lock eyes with the staff members and you will be pampered until your heart is content.

Stick, stick, stick, stick

Like to find a stick and carry it for the full duration of your on-leash walk? Or maybe you like a stick to completely destroy after? You have come to the right place as Cornwall Park boasts some of the best sticks in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Maybe you like an aromatic native Aotearoa NZ stick, or maybe you prefer a bendy stick from an introduced species, it doesn't matter we have them all! Some popular locations with the local pups who stroll the park are the Native Arboretum, Twin Oak Drive and Ginkgo Grove.

The ol’ sneaky snack

Has your owner brought you to the park without thinking of snacks? How do they keep forgetting? Lucky you have your leash on as it gives you a perfect chance to slowly pull their forgetful brains over to the cafe where they can order you a nice, fluffy puppuccino! Sit, relax and inhale your snack while contemplating where you might pull them next.

Thirst quencher

After a big on-leash walk around, through and over the park it is no surprise you are thirsty and searching for some cooling refreshments. The best location, rated 5 stars and a 'must-see' by past doggie visitors is the water trough on the park's eastern side. It is an old livestock trough that provides fresh, clean water for drinking, and if you are one of ‘those’ dogs, you can jump it too!

As you were walking you may have thought to yourself, why is Cornwall Park an on-leash park? Cornwall Park is a busy park with a high volume of humans and vehicles. Being on a leash provides higher safety for yourself, your human and other humans in the park. The Park is also a working farm with livestock living here that are vulnerable. In the past off-leash dogs have chased them, scared them and bitten them.