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A working farm in the heart of New Zealand’s biggest city.

When Cornwall Park first opened, it leased its land to farmers. Since the 1920s, Cornwall Park began operating its own farm, bringing farmlife directly into the park. 600 sheep, 60 cows and two-full time farmers work the land, and the animals at least double during lambing/calving seasons from July! Our animals are regularly moved throughout the paddocks so you’ll see them as you explore, but stop by Huia Lodge Information Center if you need directions to find them.


Our cows are all Simmental Cattle, a Swiss breed. They are docile, maternal cows (best to stay clear of their calves!) who are known for their beef, and ability to cope with climate changes.


Our sheep are all Perendale and Texel cross ewes. Perendale are known for their fine wool, and Texel for their hardiness.