See & Do

Our birds make their presence known through their tapestry of chirps, fleeting flybys and rustling in the trees.

Over 30 different species live in, or pass through, Cornwall Park. We can’t guarantee a sighting of your favourite, but we’ve provided some tips below on where they’re most likely to be found - or stop by Huia Lodge Information Center and we’ll point you in the right direction. 

See the map below to find common places for some of our birds. 


Spot our native Tui in the Rewarewa Trees below the Rangitoto Steps and in the Kowhai trees (when in flower in September), the Port Jackson Figs, or outside Huia Lodge. Photo: Norrie Montgomerie

Paradise Shelducks

During breeding time in August to December, you can find them in pairs or with more than 10 babies in the spud paddock, boiler paddock trough, chestnut paddock, Grand Drive/Kenneth Myres drive area.


Pipiwharauroa, the shining cuckoo, can be heard singing throughout the park in September and October, but spotting one is a challenge! Photo: Norrie Montgomerie

Californian Quail

Find our Californian Quail on the slopes behind Huia Lodge Information Centre, often under the Olive trees.


Pheasants are easy to spot throughout the park. Come say hello to our two resident ones around the Huia Lodge Information Centre area (but don’t get too close!).

Wood Pigeon/Kererū

You’ll find the Wood Pigeons throughout the park all year around. In autumn they hang out in one of their favourite spots in the Blueberry Ash trees outside the Bistro.


Spot the Fantails in the Kauri Groves Photo: Norrie Montgomerie