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Centred on Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park is a breath of countryside in the heart of Auckland.

While being immersed in nature, Cornwall Park offers you space to wander, play, socialise, discover, learn, reflect, recharge, and enjoy spectacular views of Auckland.   

Cornwall Park has something for everyone from experiencing an urban working farm within New Zealand’s biggest city, finding off-road trails to run along, playing games on the open-lawns, bbq-ing with friends and family, to simply relaxing under your favourite tree.


The Trees

From walking between trees to finding your favourite tree to sit under, Cornwall Park has over 350 species and 8000 trees for you to discover. New planting happens each year too.

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The Birds

With over 30 different species that pass through Cornwall Park or call it home, Cornwall Park is the place to find, spot and listen to our city’s - and country’s - birds.


The Geology

Cornwall Park rests on one of Auckland's iconic volcanos, with its land being formed through the lava flow from when Maungakiekie/One Tree HIll erupted about 67,000 years ago. You can still see many craters on Maungakiekie today.


The Farm

Cornwall Park has been farmland for over a century. Today, you’ll find 600 sheep, 60 cows, two-full time farmers, and at least double the animals from July to September when newborn lambs and calves arrive!

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The Gardens

Our flowers and plants are part of what makes Cornwall Park special - we plant over 32,000 annual plants (split across Spring and Autumn) and 10,000 bulbs (Autumn) each year in 12 garden beds for you to enjoy. See Maps or contact us for a full list of what’s been planted this year

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The Views

If you’re after stunning views of Auckland, Maungakiekie and of the sky through the trees, you’re in the right place. Explore and find your favourite view today! Better yet, bring friends and take it all in together. See Maps or stop by Huia Lodge for directions.


The Trails

Weave your way through Cornwall Park’s many trails and paths! Find your favourites or ramble throughout the park (even over paddocks!), taking in nature and heritage as you go. The internal loop road, across One Tree Domain, is 2.9km, approx 40-minute walk (or a quicker jog!), and it’s about a 20-30 minute walk up to the top of One Tree Hill summit (by road or straight to the top!). See Maps or stop by Huia Lodge for directions.


BBQs & Picnics

Cornwall Park is a place for you to come together with friends and family over food (and even a wee BYO)! To help you along, we’ve got BBQs for you to use and designed lots of space - and some hidden gems - for you to set up a picnic. You are welcome to bring in your own portable gas BBQs too. If there are more than 30 of you, please book your event.

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Acacia Cottage

Acacia Cottage - Auckland’s oldest surviving wooden building, originally on Shortland Street - was built by Sir John Logan Campbell and his business partner William Brown. Get a taste of life in the 1800s as you walk through the rooms, or sit on the porch and take in the views.

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Huia Lodge Information Centre

Huia Lodge Information Centre is both a historic building - built in early 1900s - and where you can discover more about Cornwall Park. There’s space to play, learn, have a chat about what interests you, share your own memories of Cornwall Park, and make some new ones.

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Games and Sports

There are loads of spaces at the park to indulge in your favourite games and sports - bring down your chess set, cricket set or a ball or two, and start playing! If you’d like to get involved in a more competitive game, see the list of sports clubs located at Cornwall Park in visitor info.

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The Heritage Sites

Cornwall Park is Auckland and New Zealand’s living history. From walking in the footsteps of our ancestors, to seeing key sites of historical importance, you can get a glimpse into times before. See also, Acacia Cottage, Huia Lodge and even our trees - they’re heritage sites too!