Ground Leases

Cornwall Park Leasehold Properties.

If you would like more information on lease hold properties

Please contact:

The Cornwall Park Trust Board Property and Business Manager, Martina Llewellyn  on (09) 531 4107

The information will:

  • Provide an overview of leasehold tenure.
  • Explain the nature of the lease agreement/ground lease.
  • Provide essential background reading for anyone who is considering the purchase of a Cornwall Park leasehold property.

Conditions of Entry

In 1901 Sir John Logan Campbell presented Cornwall Park as a gift to the people of New Zealand for their recreation and enjoyment.
 The land was vested in Trustees who are responsible for all aspects of its maintenance and for keeping the balance between the tranquil beauty of the Park’s setting and its functional use as a place of public recreation.

The Park is maintained and administered from private funds drawn from sources provided by Sir John Logan Campbell.

In order to assist in preserving and maintaining the Park for the enduring benefit of New Zealanders, the Trustees have adopted Conditions of Entry which govern the activities of those who enter the Park.

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