Gate opening times changing

From September 30 we will be opening the gates at Myers Drive and the Olive Grove later in the morning, at 9.30 on weekdays.

There will be no through-access for vehicles between Manukau Road and Greenlane West Road before that time during the week. We have been advising motorists who currently use this part of the Park as a through-road to please use another route.

We know this will mean a change for many motorists, but opening these gates later will help preserve the park as a place of recreation for everyone at what is a popular time of day with joggers and others.

For park users vehicle access to Cornwall Park will still be available from 7.00am at the Greenlane Road, Bollard Avenue and Grand Drive gates.

Weekend and public holiday gate opening times will not change. 

This change will not affect bike or public walking access. 

Thank you.