Park updates


Campbell Crescent Development

Scheduled Park improvements for Campbell Crescent and the Sir John Logan Campbell Fountain are one of the first projects to be implemented from the Cornwall Park Master Plan.  These improvements, like the overall Master Plan, aim to protect and enhance important heritage features of the Park.

Dedicated in 1906, the Sir John Logan Campbell statue and fountain was one of the earliest features of Cornwall Park to be constructed. The statue depicts Sir John in his mayoral robes, holding the deed to the lands of Cornwall Park, and was built during Sir John’s lifetime in order to be able to honour his gift to the city and nation. The crescent and land around it was envisioned as the main arrival to the newly established parkland.

Work is underway and you will see:  - Improved paths, seating and lighting - Speed bumps to slow traffic around Campbell Crescent - Opening up of the area and planting of over 4000 native trees and plants 

Join us on the journey to upgrading Campbell Crescent and ensuring it is future proofed for the next 100 years for you to enjoy!