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You can book Cornwall Park for your wedding ceremony for up to two hours and 150 people (including the wedding party) in one of three locations - the Band Rotunda (winter weekends and summer weekdays only), Kauri Steps or Memorial Steps. A fee applies. You can bring in tables for the registry and celebratory drinks, some seating, and light-touch decorations, however we do need to see details and approve your plans in advance. As this is a public space, we are unable to provide an exclusive or private experience.  Once plans are approved, we do not allow changes unless exceptional circumstances.  

We recommend taking a look at the locations, and emailing us at Huia Lodge with your preferred dates to check availability before submitting the booking form.  Please note, as it is a dynamic place, the grounds do change and may look differently from the date of your booking.

Download Wedding Application And Guidelines


If you are planning an event or activity for more than 30 people, we require you to book your event with us. This includes schools, community groups, and individual parties. The maximum group size depends on the season, day of week and what you want to do, and where. We will more likely approve large-scale events during weekdays than weekends when the park is at its busiest, particularly in summer.  To ensure we stay respectful to all park users and enable everyone to enjoy the park, we do limit the equipment you can bring onsite. We do not allow any commercial or corporate events at Cornwall Park, and depending on the area of the park desired we may be unable to completely reserve the location.   

We recommend you contact us at Huia Lodge first to check if we can cater for your event, including type, date and location, before completing a form. 

Download application and guidelines

Filming & Photography 

Please make any film or photography enquiries to Huia Lodge in the first instance. We do have restrictions on commercial activity, including no advertising content.  If we are able to accommodate your request, we will provide you with paperwork to complete.

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